Morgane Cadieu

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Assistant Professor
82-90 Wall Street, Room 424

Morgane Cadieu specializes in modern and contemporary French literature. She received her M.A. from Université Rennes 2 in France, and her Ph.D. from Cornell University in 2014. Her research interests include history and memory narratives, materialism in art, science, and feminism, space studies, and theories of fiction. Her first book project, Random Walks, maps out the interaction of randomness and prose in literary texts from Surrealism to the present by focusing on the emplotment of chance within the practice of perambulation, and on a specific type of atomist randomness: the clinamen. She started researching a new project centered on women vagabonds and maroons resisting spatial modes of domination by staring back at flâneurs and staging their errancy through visual materials (Colette, Confiant, Akerman, Varda, Wittig, Bouraoui, Ernaux, Calle). Morgane Cadieu has given talks on the rhetoric of enumeration and of intertextuality in Beckett, Perec, and Modiano, as well as on literature and illness in the works of Guibert. She teaches courses on social emancipation; urbanism, supermarkets, and the cartography of consumerism; the aesthetics of trains and subways, notably in the context of colonization and immigration; and on literary walks.

Publications include:

“Et puis et… La littérature à boud’ de ficelle,” in Formules – la revue des littératures à contraintes, nº 17, June 2013.         

“La préhistoire du clinamen dans la ville de l’homme qui dort,” Les Cahiers Georges Perec, nº 12, forthcoming in 2014.