Ruth Koizim Elected to the Inaugural 22-member Faculty Senate.

May 27, 2015

The FAS Senate Implementation Committee was appointed on March 27, 2014, by the president and provost, after they accepted the FAS vote in December 2013 recommending the creation of a Faculty of Arts and Sciences senate.  The vote counting for the 2015 FAS senate election is over and it was recently announced that Senior Lector Ruth Koizim is among the 22 faculty members who have been elected to the inaugural senate.

The Report of the FAS Senate Implementation Committee describes the advisory FAS senate (FASS) “As an elected body created by and representative of the FAS faculty, intended to facilitate faculty input into FAS policies and practices. The FAS senate provides a clear voice for FAS faculty and serves as a forum and deliberative body for the discussion of FAS issues. It also creates a formal conduit between the administration and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The FAS senate serves as a forum for the president, provost, the dean of the FAS, and other deans to present on issues that affect the FAS, with the intention of improving transparency, communications, and the quality of decision-making. The FAS senate operates with the assumption that major initiatives and policies affecting FAS faculty will be brought for discussion to the FAS senate in a timely manner.”