Jill Jarvis

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Assistant Professor
82-90 Wall Street, Rm 421
203 432 4906
PhD, Princeton University, 2016
MA, Princeton University, 2012
MFA, Sarah Lawrence College, 2008
BA, Whitman College, 2001
Jill Jarvis specializes in modern and contemporary Maghrebi literature with a focus on the interfaces of translation between French and Arabic. Her first book, Absent Witness: The Politics of Fiction in the Postcolony, Algeria 1962-2001, sets out a history of Algerian literary fiction as a critique of state violence in the late-twentieth century. Jill’s research in Algeria illuminates legacies of French state violence that connect to problems in other postcolonial contexts, including those of the former colonial métropole.  Her second book project, Signs in the Desert: An Aesthetic Cartography of the Sahara, will examine how contemporary writers and filmmakers from the Sahara’s edges figure this vast desert—long imagined to divide North from Subsaharan Africa—as an important space of discursive and aesthetic exchange.
‘Remnants of Muslims: Reading Agamben’s Silence.’  New Literary History vol. 45, no. 4 (Autumn 2014), pp. 707-728.
‘Inheriting Assia Djebar,’ with Anjuli Gunaratne.  PMLA, vol. 131, no. 1 (January 2016), pp. 116-124.
‘Violence and the Politics of Aesthetics: A Postcolonial Maghreb Without Borders,’ special volume of The Journal of North African Studies co-edited with Brahim El-Guabli.  Forthcoming in 2017.
French Literature in a Global Context (undergraduate)
Introduction to Maghrebi Literature and Culture (undergraduate)
On Violence: Politics and Aesthetics Across the Maghreb (graduate)