2020-21 French Department Undergraduate Prizes

May 28, 2021
the montaigne prize (for proficiency in speaking and writing)
  • Sara Luzuriaga (1st place-tie)
  • Lynn Nguyen (1st place-tie)
  • Phoebe Campbell  (2nd place-tie)
  • Zifeng Zeng (2nd place-tie)
  • Blanca Tallaj (3rd place)
the scott prize (for best essay written in french by students enrolled in courses at/above fren 170 level)
  •  Sarah Li  (1st place)
  • Elita Farahdel  (2nd place-tie)
  • Xavier Blackwell-Lipkind (2nd place-tie)
  • Yusra Mohamed  (Honorable Mention)
the james t. king prize (for distinction in the senior essay)
  • Lynn Nguyen         
  • Ursula Rodriguez