Congratulations to our colleague Christophe Schuwey

January 20, 2022

Congratulations to our colleague Christophe Schuwey and his co-authors Clara Dealberto and Jules Grandin for the publication of L’Atlas Molière (Les Arènes). This groundbreaking work combines text with over 150 infographics to present new data and research on Molière. The French Shakespeare then reveals himself as a star entrepreneur, an advertising genius and the creator of fabulous shows. The book also highlights the essential role of Madeleine Béjart, examines the representation of other cultures in Molière’s theater, and the gender dynamics at play in his comedies. 

On the occasion of Molière 400th birthday, Christophe Schuwey presented the book in Le Monde, on RTBF La PremièreRfiLes et Ln24