Kieron Cindric

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Kieron Cindric earned his BA in French and Art/Architectural History from Columbia University, where his directed-research project at Reid Hall investigated the social significance and aristocratic referents of 19th-century bourgeois Parisian apartment-building design. His senior thesis, then, turned toward the conception of 19th-century Greenwich Village townhouses and the literary and social discourses surrounding such vernacular architecture’s purported “Americanness.” 

After several years touring the Northern Hemisphere as a professional actor and dancer, Kieron pursued an M Ed in the Teaching and Learning of World Languages (French) from the Ohio State University after which he taught French and advised the Gender and Sexuality Alliance at an independent school outside Cleveland.

At Yale, Kieron’s research will center on queer autofiction from both Metropolitan France and the Maghreb, including the work of Edouard Louis and Abdellah Taïa. Kieron is interested in themes and apparatuses of theatricality, violence, and vulnerability and the ways ‘writing the self’ is a necessarily self-dramatizing and self-violent or self-shattering process. Kieron is interested in queer, social, and postcolonial theories, too, and in overlaying different social/sociological theorists’ (Bourdieu, Foucault, et al.) ideas onto literature and cinema, where it might illuminate new dimensions and unlock new, exciting insights.