Léo Tertrain

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Léo Tertrain teaches French language and culture courses for the professions. He received his Ph.D. in French Literature from Cornell in 2016. His dissertation examines the aesthetics and affects associated with inorganic life in Gérard de Nerval’s and Gilles Deleuze’s works. It proposes a literary genealogy of the Deleuzian notion of the virtual and a close reading of Aurélia focused on the representation of metamorphosis. He is currently adapting his thesis into a book and pursuing research on his fields of interest: nineteenth- and twentieth-century French and Francophone literature, contemporary philosophy and critical theory, literary theory, and the history of aesthetics.  

Publications :  

“Des soupirs de la sainte aux cris de la fée: réversibilité des genres et androgynie dans « El Desdichado » et Pandora,” Women In French Studies, Special Issue, Volume 8, 2019.

“La lignée nervalienne des fils du feu: portrait d’une contre-royauté mythique et de ses contradictions,” Nineteenth-Century French Studies, Volume 47, Numbers 3 & 4, Spring-Summer 2019.