Xinyu Guan

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Graduate School Student

Xinyu Guan is a Ph.D. student in French, completing the Graduate Certificate in Film and Media Studies. Her current research focuses on early 20th century and postwar French literature, film, and cultural history. She is interested in exploring questions of multilingualism, translation between text and image, “foreignness” as a concept and construct, and interdisciplinary approaches to literary theory and criticism.

Xinyu holds a B.A. in French (Intensive track) from Yale University. Her two-term research thesis, “The Chinese identity in Marguerite Duras’s L’amant (1984),” was awarded the James T. King Prize for Distinction in the Senior Essay. She received the Scott Prize for Best Undergraduate Essay in French for two consecutive years.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Xinyu worked as an editorial assistant for Shanghai Translation Publishing House and the National University of Singapore Press. Her editing experience ranged from Chinese translations of modern French, Spanish, and Russian literature to academic books in Southeast Asian studies. She is also the contributing author to a published paper on multilingual semantic parsing.