Fall 2023 Registration

Updated February 2023

Please see the Online Placement Test & Preference Selection page first for instructions  on the Placement Test and Preference Selection process that will be happening in March and April 2023.

When Registration for the Fall 2023 Semester opens this April 2023 (on different dates for each class year, between April 14 and April 19, 2023), you may “Request Instructor Permission” through Yale Course Search in order to place in a different section.   Please remove from your registration worksheet the section that you do not wish to attend, so that it may be offered to another student.  You should NOT remain on the lists of two sections at the same time.

After the close of the Registration period in April, you must wait until Drop/Add Period in September to request any changes in your schedule for any of your courses.

When the Add/Drop period begins in September for all YC & GSAS students, you should ”Request Instructor Permission” through Yale Course Search for the desired section.  Submitting a permission request is the only way to be placed on the official waitlist for the course.  Since you will not be attending the original section in which you enrolled, please remove your name from that section on your Registration Worksheet at that time, so that it may be offered to another student.  You should NOT remain on the lists of two sections at the same time.

Starting on the first day of class,  Wednesday August 30, 2023, we encourage you to attend the section in which you hope to have a confirmed place.  Please understand that, due to enrollment limits on the class, we cannot immediately guarantee or confirm your enrollment in that section.  You should attend class for that section every day, even if you do not have confirmed enrollment.

During the first week of classes, the section instructor will let you know if and when there is, indeed, a place for you in your desired section.  The instructor will then grant formal approval to those additional students who are being admitted for enrollment to the course.  Once the instructor approves your Instructor Permission request on Yale Course Search, you can complete the registration by clicking “Confirm Changes” on your Registration Worksheet.  The Add/Drop period ends on (TBA).

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this new enrollment process.